Bocconi Students Investment Arena | BSIA

2023/24 Portfolio Competition

(November 2023 to mid-April 2024)

The Portfolio Competition is open to everyone and each team is expected to create its own short-medium term portfolio (time horizon 5 months) following the parameters listed below

Each month we will provide updates on the development of the competition on our instagram page and in mid-April we will declare the winner

2023/24 portfolio competition:

1st place — Stirati Capital Managment

2nd place — Agobel

3rd place — Stonks for stacks

Competing Teams & Performance

Official Rules

  • Team size: 2-4 participants

  • Budget: $100,000

  • It is possible to operate on any market

  • Cryptocurrencies are NOT allowed

  • It is NOT possible to buy / sell ETFs

  • It is NOT possible to buy / sell options / swaps / various denominations and combination

  • It is NOT possible to buy / sell bonds

  • At least 3 different continents in your portfolio

  • No more than 50% of the portfolio may belong to a single continent

  • It is not possible that less than 15% of the portfolio belongs to one of the continents present in the portfolio

  • It is mandatory to have at least 10 stocks in your portfolio