Bocconi Students Investment Arena | BSIA


About The Club

Bocconi Students Investment Arena was born in 2022 from the idea of bringing together students of different degrees and experience, but all with the same ardent passion for finance. Through dedicated competitions, masterclasses and a members’ forum, we aim to develop a community of students that fosters quantitative and qualitative skills like: in-depth practical investments and valuation skills, teambuilding and analytical skills

The uniqueness of this association is that members would be able to put their investment knowledge into practice by competing against each other in two main events: portfolio competition and company valuation competition. The first competition will start at the beginning of October and for more info please visit the dedicated page in our website

Benefits Of Membership

Being a member of BSIA would allow you to join our unique dedicated forum where everyone can share his/her resources or think about finance (eg: podcast, articles, videos), thus creating a powerful medium learning for all students wishing to broaden their knowledge. Moreover, it gives you direct access to the active-learning master classes ranging from the basics of investing to more intensive topics such as valuation, fundamental analysis, diversification all helpful to improve and prepare for the most and important competition: Company Valuation Competition

Being a member of the Bocconi Student Investment Arena enable you to subscribe for the Company Valuation Competition, for more info about it please visit the dedicated page